IP Videogegensprechanlage Aussensprechstelle Buttons Modul

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Extension module with 3 call buttons VTO2000A-B - Stainless steel panel. Assembly Steps: 1st Choose the size of the base panel into which are inserted modules. Version for two or three modules (VTOF002, VTOF003 ). 2nd Choose Modules - max. 1 module with one bell and a camera (VTO2000A-C) - max. 1 module with ID card (VTO2000A-R) - max. 1 module with keypad for unlocking code (VTO2000A-K ) - modules with three bells in the system may be max. 25 bells (up to 8x VTO2000A-B). 3rd Choose whether you want to flush or surface mounting & the size (2 or 3 modules). - Installation housing for surface mounting VTOB113, VTOB114. - Installation cover for flush mounting VTOB111, VTOB112.


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