Ethernet IP Wählgerät

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Produktinformationen "Ethernet IP Wählgerät"
Dual Ethernet connections allow you to include video feed from CCTV systems. Full VoIP and SIP services available as standard on all units; ideal for voice applications such as audio verification, lift Installations and social care. Industrial standard interface for HVAC and home automation; allowing the possibility of the installed alarm system being integrated with cutting edge building management and control systems. Providing the user with continuous, uninterrupted connection, there is no delay when connecting to Remote Service App, thereby vastly improving upload/download speeds and making the units remotely upgradeable. All units feature an improved and highly sensitive, stylish and modern, multilingual touch screen designed for easy deployment. Multiple connection interfaces are now included on all models, allowing flexibility and choice when connecting to any alarm panel. Notification by text message on 400 & 440 models High speed Bus Interfaces allowing faster integration for upload/download, configuration from panel keypad & alarm transmissions. Expansion boards available offering pin inputs or pin inputs and PSTN dial out.
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