LCD-Funk-Bedienteil BiDirektional mit Tag Reader PowerG

KP-250 PG2
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Produktinformationen "LCD-Funk-Bedienteil BiDirektional mit Tag Reader PowerG"

KP-250 PG2 KP-250 PG2 is a stylish and easy to use two-way wireless user interface for PowerMaster systems. It is an ideal solution for users in both residential and small business premises. Decorative proximity tags enable users to arm/disarm the system, initiate fire and panic alarms and review system status. It allows installers to maximize system security by installing the panel in a hidden location. KP-250 PG2 Features: Supports user and installer menus Designed to work with all PowerMaster panels, including new PowerMaster-33 G2 for residential and SME markets. Enables complete view and control of the system Integrated sounder Extended range eliminates the need for repeaters Superb value for price

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